Compatibility Tester


Save your time and money by selecting appropriate people!

How many times you saw a nice person, wanted to make friends and got "NO"?

Or may be you was considering if this is a right person for you? 

Do you want to know ahead if you will have a chance with that person?

We can help you in this.
My name is Victor Gashpar.

I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I am an investor and a scientist. With a group of partners we invented an unique tool - Compatibility Tester

This is a result of our 26 years of research.

This tool can determine your compatibility with any person

It can save you a lot of nerves and money

We made this tool for use for ourselves at first hand. We had before the same problem as you

This Tester showed to be very useful so we decided to offer it to other people too

Suppose you met somebody. And you are wandering, what chances you have

You can get a compatibility chart as you see below and immediately understand you chances

This is a real test example of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  

General rule: more green - better the chances.

But even more. You can see in which fields of relationship you will have better chances. In example above if you will get similar chart you will understand, that chances in LOVE, SOUL CONNECTIONS ( first bar)  are low, in INTIMACY ( second bar) and COMMUNICATION ( third bar) a little higher, but still low, and only in STABILITY ( fourth bar) it is high. So you can have a stable, long lasting relationship with no excitement in it.

This means you have a very low chance with this person. Do not spend time writing letters to this person, asking  for dinner etc. And make no family with such person. You will end nowhere.

How much does it cost?

Just two dollars to make a test. You have one free try. You can test it on your previous relationship and verify that the tester is working. For this money you also get a detailed text describing in detail your potential of future relationship. We really save you a lot of money! Just imagine how much time you spend on first dating .... And men even spend a lot of money!! Now if the person is not compatible you simply do not go on dating!

You can buy a set of 10 tests for 10 dollars. This is ever more saving.

What is the scientific background of Tester?

We trained Artificial Intelligence on hundreds of thousands of love stories, which we collected during last 26 years.

Can I use it in my relationships on work or in family?

You can. Also you can test compatibility of any two persons. By this it can help you to make working teams or understand better your problems with your children.

What input data is needed to run the Tester?

Tester is calculating the compatibility based on EXACT age difference of two persons. Yes, age difference proved to be leading in determining compatibility!!  So for best results you will need your birth date, place and time. Place of birth we need for correct calculating the time zone. For other person at least full date of birth is needed. Better if you can have time and place also. This will give higher precision results. WE DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR DATA TO ANYONE. IT IS USED FOR CALCULATIONS ONLY. 

Do I need to register?

No registration. We use Facebook to remember you in our system. We do not use any of your Facebook data.

What other benefits your Tester gives me?

You can say to us that you are opened to new relations. And we can try to find you a good compatible partner in the future.

Can you show me another examples of working of your Tester?

Yes. Please look on chart below. This is compatibility of Princess Diana with her lover James Hewitt.  He was her lover for 5 years until they where separated by pressure from Charles, Queen and other members of royal family. You see how much GREEN she has with her lover? So if you do not want your future family to brake the same way as in case of Diana and Charles use AHEAD  the Tester. Select ahead people with whom you are compatible. And you will have a happy family life.

How precise is the Tester?

Approximately 10 percent. Measuring and calibrating of feelings of people is extremely difficult. You see the numbers in the chart comparing to maximum possibility you personally can have. 

What if I have questions left?

If you have any questions - please feel free to write me

And now go on and build a better understanding in your relationships!! 

Wish you a lot of joy by using our Tester!